What To Do With The Wheels When Moving Home

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With the process of buying and selling, the logistics of moving your possessions, and the period of acclimation to a new environment, we have enough to worry about when moving home. The car can be a greatly useful tool during that move, but it can also be a hindrance. Before you move, you have to figure out which it will be and the best way to deal with it. Otherwise, you’re just giving yourself more stress as the big day approaches.

Think about whether you really need it

If you’ve been considering becoming a one-car household or you have an older vehicle you’re considering selling, now is the time to make that decision. If you’re making a particularly long-distance move, it can be more convenient to sell your current vehicle and buy a new one at the end of the journey. If you’re moving to a place where you expect to use a lot more public transport than driving, then it could be more financially sensible to sell it and start leasing on an as-you-need-it basis. Naturally, you don’t a hasty motor sale reducing the amount you could make from it, nor do you want the efforts to sell it getting in the way of planning the move, so start the process well in advance.

Drive it yourself

We’re going to look at a few ways of getting your motor from point A to B, but the most immediately obvious one is to drive the car yourself. It is the cheapest way to transport the car and can help you save money on the move. But it is not without its potential drawbacks. For one, you have to time the trip to make sure that you arrive at the new home before your movers do. If it’s a long distance between the old home and the new one, it can be a test of your stamina on a day that can already be long and burdensome. You might have to plan stops, including a place to stay for the night.

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Make sure it’s in good condition

If you’re not going to sell it, then make sure it’s fit to go the whole way. This is mostly relevant if you’re planning to drive it yourself or have someone else drive it for you. Have a full service carried out on the vehicle and make thorough safety checks to ensure that it’s in good condition. Road trips put a lot of stress on the vehicle and are likely to lead to breakdowns if you don’t prepare for them. Motor malfunctions can be disruptive at the best of times. If you’re making a move and your arrival at the new property is time sensitive (because you’re travelling with your moving services), then breaking down for an hour or two can be downright disastrous.

Make use of it

If you’re driving the car, then don’t underestimate how useful it can be during the move, too. Driving with a fully loaded car might cost you more in fuel, but those costs are insignificant compared to the costs of hiring a bigger removals van or paying for an extra trip to get all your possessions in the new home. There are plenty of ways to maximize how much you can pack in the car, as well. You can use overhead carriers and pack up your things in bags rather than boxes to make use of more space on the interior of the vehicle. If you have to make an overnight stop, make sure any electronics in the car aren’t out in the open, making them an easy target for potential thieves.

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Get it transported

You can eliminate the car from the equation almost entirely by making it someone else’s burden, as well. For those particularly long journeys, interstate car transport might be the most convenient option. That way, you can take a flight instead of a drive, help the movers with your possessions, and focus on the move itself, picking up the car when it suits you rather than having to work around it. Be aware that a lot of these services make use of their own depots, so you might have to pick it up rather than having it delivered to your door. Still, that could be a much shorter drive compared to taking it yourself.

Have it driven for you

There’s a growing range of services allowing you to hire someone else to drive your car. Some of the more inventive uses of these services and apps include having your car driven home when you’re under the influence, but there are plenty devoted to driving for those moving home, as well. However, the risks of paying a stranger to take your car are obvious. Theft is a real concern, which is why you should use only the most trustworthy and well-known services available or take the cautious route and pay a trusted friend to drive it for you, instead. If it’s a long-distance, it can be nerve-wracking not knowing where your car is or in what condition it is, too, so this isn’t a method that most are comfortable with.

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Protect it

There’s no doubt that the risks of theft or damage to the car when it’s being transported are very well. But there’s a lot you can do to combat it. You can fit with a GPS tracking device so you know where it is at any time, for one. But you should invest in extra security such as getting temporary insurance against theft and improving the overall security of the vehicle. Make sure you take pictures of the car and document the kind of condition it’s in before it’s transported, too. Professional car transport services take care to make sure your vehicle isn’t damaged, but it’s worth protecting yourself just in case.

Whether you have one car or more, figure out what you’re doing with it long before the move. Fail to do so and you might find yourself forced to take a measure that could end up costing you a lot of time, money, and peace-of-mind.

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