When the Magic Is Simply Not There Anymore: 9 Signs You Need a New Hobby

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I can still remember back when I first got into motorcycles. I was bored with my regular life – work, family and the gym. The gym was losing its appeal too. I didn’t really care about having a beach body anymore, it was more about staying fit and healthy. The outdoors are nice though, so I started to run a little more and use that for my health & fitness. I needed something else though, something to do in my spare time, something fun.

First up I tried hiking, but it wasn’t really for me – not since I was already running anyway. So then came bouldering – again, not for me. But ooh, what’s this? A motorbike? Perfect! Speed, wind in my face, and the beautiful outdoors. Oh, and don’t forget the social side of being a bike owner!

Now though, after all these years, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. During my time in reflection I came up with a checklist of signs that usually indicate I need to change my hobby. This way you can refer to it before you make a decision and take a cash offer for your motorcycle (which I already have).

1. Boredom is Regular

If boredom is a normal thing, you need a hobby – or a new one. You should be stimulated by most areas of your life. There’s always parts that you HAVE to do (like work & chores) but the rest of your life should be fun and interesting. If it isn’t, you need to change it and make it that way.

2. You Don’t Look Forward to Your Day

Each day’s a new opportunity. Sometimes your day will be a tough or long one, so it won’t be one to look forward to. Usually though, you should feel some excitement over at least part of your day.

3. There’s No Highlights in Your Schedule

When you look at your schedule or planner, there should be parts that you look forward to – the more, the better! Fit in some days doing things you enjoy, because happiness is conducive to healthiness.

4. Unsure of How to Spend Free Time

Always have something to do in your free time. If you get a couple of days off work for example, what would you do? It’s nice to just relax sometimes and do nothing, or spend some time with family or friends – but what about outside of that? Everybody should have some time enjoying life individually too, doing whatever you please.

5. Days Are the Same

If your days are predictably similar it’s probably time for a change. Freshen up your routine by trialling out a few new hobbies. Eventually you’re sure to find something that you enjoy.

6. Takes Effort to Do Your Old Hobby(s)

If you already have a hobby/hobbies, then they should be pleasurable. If it’s a chore to keep up with them, you probably should just change hobby altogether – or at least take a break to refresh yourself.

7. You’d Rather Be Working

If you find yourself most bored in your free time (i.e. you’d rather be at work), then you MUST take control. This is a bad sign and can signal a slide into depression. Get out of the house, meet people and try new experiences.

8. Socializing is Boring

Sometimes social life becomes part of our routine too, and we don’t actually enjoy the time around other people. If that sounds familiar, don’t feel bad about it. What matters is your happiness, so spend your time however you like and don’t feel pressured into social events.

9. Lack of Goals

What goals do you have in life? Are they all focused on your career and/or family? It’s a good idea to expand on these. Life is for living and while having a solid career and family life are important, there are bigger memories to create and reflect on in your life. Go after your dreams while you can, or you may end up regretting it.

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