Where Theres A Blame, There’s Justice, Are We Right?

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The world is a much smaller place these days, wouldn’t you agree? The advancements in modern day technology meaning that we can fly anywhere, see anywhere, do anything and enjoy life to the max. We have vehicles on the road to easily get us from one place to another. We have bigger homes, modern technology making life easier, but with all of this advancement in the world, are we safer as human beings? The answer is possibly not.

Of course, there are less huge accidents these days. But there is the modern threat amongst us. Terror attacks, car and plane accidents, even sickness while away on holiday. These are all things that can stop us in our tracks and have a detrimental effect on our lives, and we deserve justice for that. We thought we should highlight some of the areas where justice can be had, some you may be aware of and deserve justice in terms of having money refunded, others may be seeking you compensation for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We hope that highlighting some of them can help you right now or for the future.

Plane delays

Did you know that you are entitled to compensation if your flight was delayed? Depending on the circumstances, you could be entitled to a fee for suffering a long delay which left you missing connecting flights or caused you to have to stay inside the airport with very little help or comfort. Of course, there are scenarios where you cannot claim for compensation such as weather, as of course, this isn’t the airlines fault. But if there is a problem with the plane, staff or the airport itself then you could be entitled. Complaining directly to the airline is a good place to start.

Plane crashes

One step further when it comes to the airlines is being involved in some sort of plane or aviation crash. This isn’t something that happens to often, but we tend to hear about it through news reports. Surviving an airline crash is still possible, due to the safety regulation the pilot and airline will have put in place. But you can seek justice from the airline and getting people like Slack Davis Sanger Aviation Law on your side could help you to seek the compensation and settlement you deserve for ever having to go through it. While other accidents such as on the road are far more request, being involved in this sort of situation could be life changing.

Car Accidents

As just mentioned, motoring accidents are far more frequent these days and you can simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It may be minor, pulling out on a junction, someone not seeing your vehicle and a collision happening in traffic. Or it could be very severe taking place at high speed. Whatever situation you find yourself in you may want to seek justice for any injuries or loss of earning you incurred because of it. This is when you could speak to an attorney and have them make the claim on your behalf.

Accident at work

Being at work, you expect to be safe and able to do your job effectively. But you may find that faulty machinery, an uncleared area or again just being in the wrong place at the wrong time could cause you to obtain an injury in the workplace that is not your fault. This can cause you to lose out on potential earnings while you recover, and it may feel like you have no place to turn. But employers have insurance policies to cover them for things such as this so don’t be afraid to seek out what you are owed.

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Unfair dismissal

Do you think that you have been wrongly dismissed from your job? Was there no procedure followed, any warning or disciplinary action? Did you find that there was never any feedback to make you aware of what you were doing wrong or how you could do better or improve? Then you may have a case for unfair dismissal. This can be quite tricky to navigate, but having someone who is an expert in employment law on your side will help you get through it and seek out the justice you deserve.

Falling sick on holiday

A holiday tends to be something that you save up to be able to take. That break once a year with the family that you treasure. So what if it got ruined by falling sick while you were away? It is true that these days you put your trust in hotel establishments offering food and find that due to poor hygiene or other reasons you fall ill because of food poisoning. However, if this is now the case and you were treated away you can seek out compensation because of it. There are even specialist firms who will help you do it.

Mis sold financial products

Taking out any sort of financial product is something you consider closely before is going the paperwork. It might be a mortgage for a house, a personal loan to pay off debts or pay for something large, or even just taking out a credit card and using it every now and again. However, there are insurance products and protections that can be added on to these products. You also need to have been made aware of every scenario and properly proofed before being sold a financial product and so if this isn’t the case and you are mis sold the product then you could be entitled to a refund and compensation.

Insurance policy not paying out

Finally, we take out insurance policies with every intention of not using them. We want to be able to go through life feeling like we are protected in case any awful things happen like a home burglary. But if you do find that you are in this situation, then the chances are you may have a battle on your hands to get your insurance company to pay out. Thankfully, there are financial institutions that can help you seek out the claim and help to get you what you are owed.

I hope that highlighting some of these areas will help you get the justice you deserve in the future.

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