Who Is The Biggest Danger On The Road?

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Drivers will think it’s bikers and trucks, trucks will think it’s bikers and cars, bikers will think it’s trucks and cars. Don’t even get us started on what pedestrian cyclists think! At the end of the day, everyone is a danger on the road at some point. Not everyone, but there’s some people out there from all three categories that like to live life on the wild side. They’ll drive around so recklessly, and cause so many different issues, that before you know it one has crashed into the other and a nightmare has unfolded. So, we feel it’s time to put to rest the lifelong debate of who is the worst driver, because there are bad traits from every category! Have a read on to find out more.


Truckers can be deadly. They’re hauling round tonnes of weight from both the vehicle itself, and from the cargo it holds. It’s so easy to lose control of them, and boy does it happen. Not only that, but some truck drivers are just so unsafe as they have deadlines to meet, and places to be. Unsafe truck driving will easily end lives, and many people fall mercy to it each year. But, it’s easy to argue that cars play a big part in this. As the stickers on the back say, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you. And this is the mistake that a lot of people make. If a truck driver can’t see you, there’s absolutely nothing they are going to be able to do to prevent an accident from happening. Plus, you’ve got to factor in the possibility that the truck driver who could potentially be at fault is overly tired. They work all hours to try and get the money that they need, often skipping breaks to do so. Tiredness does kill, and so do many truck drivers.


Car drivers are probably the most stupid type of driver that there is, purely because they think they own the road. They’ll speed, go on their phones, skip red lights etc. The list could go on, and trust us, car accidents are the most common type of vehicular accidents on the road. But, that doesn’t mean that all drivers are bad. In fact, some are so safe that they even become dangerous themselves! The way in which car technology is improving is bringing cars down the list a little. There are now safety devices that reduce the risk of crashes, and the way in which cars are now built is more robust to protect drivers. But that doesn’t stop the person behind the wheel causing an issue!


Bikers are probably just as cocky as car drivers, and they can certainly create as many issues. The main issue with drivers is that they’re able to weave in and out of traffic easily, and that’s definitely something they love to do. Bikers are notorious for speeding as well, and being hard to see by car drivers around them. Like they say, “think bike” but should the bike be the one thinking about us?

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