Why Are More People Choosing a Staycation This Summer?


Air travel used to be one of the most glamorous things you could do. Pilots and flight attendants walked through airports like Hollywood A-listers, and everyone wanted to be them. They were the absolute height of cool. In the early days of commercial air travel, it was something that only the rich and famous could afford to do. Something that the rest of us could only aspire too.

Then, times started to change. Air travel became less expensive, and even regular families could afford a package holiday abroad. Despite all that’s on offer in our own country, it’s what everyone wanted to do. Our families saved all year for that one summer trip over the ocean. We looked forward to it all year and often returned to the same favorite places time and time again.

Now, times are changing once more. Air travel is no longer glamorous or cool. It’s completely normal. We fly to places within the same country or even state. All over the world people are making short trips on a plane as it’s easier and more affordable than ever. At the same time, staycations are becoming more and more popular. Not just in the USA either, where there are plenty of places to visit. In the UK it’s thought that over 50% of people won’t leave the country for their main break. Instead of choosing to spend it camping or on a holiday park.

Why is this? Surely it can’t just be that air travel has become so run of the mill it bores us? Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons.

Less Stress

80% of people in a recent study said that a staycation is significantly less stressful than a holiday abroad. This is even truer for those traveling with young children. When you travel abroad you have to tackle heightened airport security, figure out what you are allowed to pack in which bag, make sure you’ve got everything that you need to hand for the journey so that it doesn’t end up in the hold and prepare for shops at your destination not having everything that you need. Then there’s the fact that even if everything goes well, you could face two hours waiting in the airport doing effective nothing. This time can quickly rise with delays.

On a staycation, you are more in control of your journey, especially if you drive. You are always moving with less waiting around. There are no security or packing restrictions, and you don’t have to worry about shops not stocking things that you might need. A staycation is much less stressful.

Even less stressful can be a staycation in the truest sense of the world. Taking time off work and staying at home. This is also rising in popularity and gives you a brilliant chance to totally rest and relax.

It’s Cheap


Yes, air travel is cheap, and hotels abroad offer vacationers excellent deals. But, you also need to change money, travel to the airport, pay for snacks on the way, pay for luggage, get travel insurance, pay for immunizations and many other related costs. It can start to get very expensive. Even if you trip itself is very cheap.

Staycations can be much cheaper. You’ve already got your car, so all you need is fuel and perhaps some tools and a brake fluid tester dot 3 in case you need to make any repairs (but remember, these aren’t just for one trip!), you can stay at campsites and motels and you’ll have much more control over your budget.

We’re Appreciating Home More

It’s fair to say that the political climate all over the world is a little crazy at the moment. There’s war, threat, economic crisis and political unrest at every turn. There are terror attacks going on all over the world, and it can be hard to feel safe. This makes us worry about travel. But, it also makes us appreciate what we’ve got at home so much more. Traveling around the country on a staycation gives us a chance to see it as a tourist. To explore all of the best bits that we don’t always get the chance to see when we’re busy working and commuting.

The Freedom

If you travel abroad, you are tied down to your itinerary. At home, you might have hotels booked, or accommodation prepared. But, you’ve still got a lot more freedom when you don’t have flights to factor in. You can travel around more, just using your hotel (or even staying at home!) as a base and you can change your plans if you want to.

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