Why Aren’t We All Falling Head Over Heels For EVs?

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In an ideal world, we’d all be driving electric cars by now. They save the planet and cut down on fuel costs. And, with adverse environmental implications coming to the fore, it seems like it’s a case of now or never for improving our negative driving behaviors.

And, some people are stepping up to the mantle, with EV sales rising dramatically in recent years. While things got off to a slow start, the latest figures from 2016 suggest that electric car sales rocketed right up to 542,000. To put that in perspective, that’s enough for everybody in Kansas City to drive electric. It’s a lot of cars!

But, given we all have a vested interest in our planet and our pockets, you could still ask why more of us aren’t making the switch. Surely we should all be driving these space-age contraptions by now? The streets should be lined with cars plugged into ports. The roads should be fuel-free zones.

Of course, they aren’t. There’s still a substantial amount more fuel-operated vehicles out there. And, there are a few reasons for it. For one, we can’t all afford electric vehicle prices. Even a ‘budget’ Smart Fortwo will set you back at least $23,800. The majority of us don’t have that much lying around. Of course, the industry would argue this is an investment, and they’d be right. If you total the amount of money you spend on fuel, that upfront price will pale in comparison. But, that doesn’t change the fact that few people can produce that money upfront.

What’s more, this isn’t the only obstacle. If we’re honest, many of us also steer clear of electric vehicles because…well, they don’t look great. In fact, the unappealing appearance of models like the Nissan Leaf has become a laughing stock on the auto circuit. Far from the sleek designs we expect from our favorite motor companies; electric versions just don’t have the same va va voom. In fact, most look more like something straight out of Nasa. While a space rocket might cool when it’s flying to the moon, it’s not exactly the car aesthetic most of us are after. Drivers can do their bit by investing in something like these wraps for cars and trucks to jazz up those bland designs. But, you can’t polish a…you know.

In truth, there’s good reason why electric cars look how they do. In fact, what makes these cars eco-friendly is the aerodynamic and sometimes clunky designs. Hence why many electric offerings have a bubbly appearance which is fun but not so sexy.

But, all is not lost. Concept EVs from Honda have shown the world that electric doesn’t have to mean ugly. In fact, these cars look set to be exactly what we’re after, and Honda has received a fantastic response so far. All we can hope, then, is that other manufacturers follow in their footsteps. Who knows, electric could look hot to trot in the coming years. At least, that’s the hope!

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