Why Car Accidents Are on the Rise and How to Put a Stop to It

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More and more car accidents are being left out of the media, especially in local news outlets. This is because they’re becoming far too commonplace. Although many of them leave their passengers with a few scrapes and cuts, occasionally there will be horrific accidents that make you question the safety of our roads.

But why is that? Why are there more and more people getting into auto accidents in the first place? One would think that as time goes by and more features are added to our vehicles, we can expect to see drastically reduced accident numbers and safer roads. However, the opposite seems to be happening, and in this article, we’ll be explaining just why that is and how we can stop it.

We are too reliant on security features on cars

How many cars nowadays have incredible security features that help us drive? Pretty much all of them. In the past, cars didn’t have the modern technology that we have today and drivers had to rely on their own senses in order to stay safe on the road. This trained them to be more aware of their surroundings without having to worry about electronics, thus giving them a better sense of driving. Nowadays, we’re far too reliant on these systems that we forget basic driving instincts and many new drivers don’t possess the ability to drive defensively and safely.

Train yourself by driving more often. Stop thinking about the security features that are made to make you feel safer and instead, focus on how to train your senses and build experience on the road. Far too many people end up in accidents because they’re not aware of the road. Even though lawyers like J. Todd Tenge are more than capable of helping with your road accident situation, it’s always good to practice your driving in order to stay safe instead of just relying on the electronics in your car.

We have more ways to distract us

From smartphones to build-in radios and GPS screens, there are far more ways to distract ourselves in our cars than ever before. There are even some people that install entertainment systems into their vehicle that are used even while in traffic. These distractions ultimately cause accidents, often fatal ones, because they have little to no time to react. Some of the leading causes of distracted driving are using phones while driving or even eating while driving.

If you’re going to drive, keep your eyes on the road. If you’re distracted, tired or need to answer a call, make sure you pull over someplace safe and do what you need to do. There are always going to be situations where you’ll be distracted, but knowing how to reduce those situations and focus on the road instead is very important.

To conclude, accidents are on the rise for two major reasons; because people are focusing less on training their driving ability and becoming more and more distracted in their cars. Avoid these two major issues and you’ll find that driving becomes much safer.

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