Why Car Crashes Are Still Happening?


Cars have existed for over 100 years. They’ve become safer and more robust, especially if you consider that the first vehicles didn’t even consider the need for a seatbelt. Ultimately, drivers should have become better at controlling their vehicles. After all, with sensors, rear and front cameras, and even a self-parking options for some models, it wouldn’t be illogical to expect the roads to be safer than they first were. Unfortunately, the roads are still as dangerous – if not more. There is no indication that car crashes are becoming less frequent. The real question we should all be asking is: Why, despite innovative technology and the introduction of effective driving regulations and certifications, do cars still get involved in accidents?

Distraction is the new digital cause

Since we live in a digital era, the smartphone has become one of the most significant accident triggers. Indeed, for young drivers, receiving or sending a text is a natural behavior, and many forget that this distraction could be costly when they’re behind the steering wheel. , despite new regulations banning the use of the phone while driving — and innovative technologies such as the introduction of the driving mode on iPhones – most drivers continue to keep their devices next to the dashboard. The only exception that the law makes is if you’re using your phone as a GPS – however, you are not allowed to touch it as you drive.

Don’t drink and drive; you’ve been warned

You know it. You’ve heard about all the horror stories about drunk drivers. But it’s still not enough to convince all drivers that drinking and driving can be fatal – to them or other drivers on the road. While it’s not to say you can’t have a glass before heading back to the car, you might want to invest in an alcohol test if you’re unsure. Some young drivers have chosen to bypass checks by using a whizzinator as a way to maintain their rights on the road. As a rule of the thumb, you are ok to drive after one or two glasses of beer or wine, depending on your age, metabolism, and weight.

Lack of car maintenance

All vehicles go through natural wear and tear which can increase your maintenance bills. Even something as simple as changing your oil can become tricky when your budget is tight. However, lack of maintenance can not only shorten the life of your vehicle but also cause accidents. For instance, a brake failure can trigger a collision. In the eyes of the law, every driver is responsible for their vehicle, meaning that you will have to face the consequences if the accident is the result of car neglect.

Inexperienced drivers

Nobody is born a driver. It’s a skill you develop with practice. The more you drive, the safer you are on the road. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to crash when they face unexpected situations such as driving in the rain or at night.

Cars might be becoming safer, but drivers have still a long way to go. The human fault is the first reason for most car accidents, from distracted driving to neglecting maintenance checks. In short, car accidents are still happening because we are driving the cars.

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