Why German Cars Are Winning At Automotive Greatness

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If there’s one big debate that all car lovers love to have, it’s what manufacturer is the best depending on what country they’re from. There’s a serious battle going on, especially between the German and the French, to produce the best cars that can possibly be produced. This battle to be the best is producing some of the most innovative technology and features in a car that we’ve ever seen before. So for any of you who believe that the Germans are not winning the race to be the best, this article is not going to be for you. We strongly believe that German cars are miles ahead with the race, and some of the cars that are being produced at the minute are incredible. With the likes of Audi, BMW and Porsche in the German category, it’s really going to be hard to beat it. But we are noticing that models of cars are copying others. It’s so easy to see similarities between different models, which is really taking the shine away from the original design that would have came out first. But with copying aside, we now want to start the article, and explore the many ways that German cars are winning at the automotive race, paying particular attention to our much loved audis!

The History

The history of German cars started with the almighty Audi, and since then it has pretty much been undefeatable. Although there are so many other German manufacturers, there’s just something about Audis that is drawing more and more people in. The appeal they have is just huge, both to male and female drivers. The came BMW, which is one of Audi’s biggest competitors in terms of German cars that are a little more upmarket. The came ford, which is one of the most popular lower budget cars that can be bought. Those are just to name a few, we could also talk about the very much liked Mercedes, but we could go on forever talking about all of the different makes of cars! Audi kicked it all off with the 50, which was really a trademark car for the brand. It was a supermini economy car that quickly became popular in the late 1900’s. The highest spec model of this car would produce what would have been a whopping 59bhp. To a generation who was not used to fast cars with that little bit of a luxury edge, this really was something else. But it didn’t take long for the cars to be debadged, and it was then changed to the Volkswagen polo that many of us know and love today. Although both of them still did run alongside each other.

BMW kicked off their motoring journey with motorbikes, and produced a hugely popular motorcycle during a time where everybody seemed to have one. The first car they produced was actually the BMW 3/15. A rebadged car that did not have the popularity that Audi did when they produced their first car, but it did still hold some weight. From there on out, both manufacturers have gone from strength to strength, and that’s why they’re still producing amazing quality cars today! We won’t carry on talking about any of the other models, but if you want to do your own research, there’s plenty of information out there that should help!

A Shrine To Audi

So now we want to focus just on Audi, because it wouldn’t be right if we did this article without dedicating a whole section to the brand. Audi has always been such a strong brand at the forefront of the car manufacturing world, and there actually isn’t a model that hasn’t done at least decent in sales. Most Audis that role out of the production line sell like hotcakes, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re at the forefront of the manufacturing race. We love Audi due to the fact that it is so appealing to both genders. When you look at cars, you see a BMW as a man’s car, and a Mercedes as a businessman’s car. But when you think about Audi, they’ve hit the nail on the head by creating a model that all women seem to love to buy, the Audi A1. A super hot hatchback that can be found in nearly every dealership, and it comes in so many different forms. The S-Line is the top spec model, coming with sports interior and a suped up engine that gives this little car the kick that it needs. Then, the slightly bigger A3 is easily one of the most popular cars on the market at the minute. Again, the S-Line version is one of the most sought after models, and we just love the interior that both of these offer. We also love that considering the A1 is such a hot hatchback, the price is so reasonable for it. Audi seems to understand that not everyone has the money to take a finance option that would mimic that of a house mortgage, and that goes for a lot of their models. The big brand doesn’t always have to mean the big price!

The Best Current Models

We’re going to carry along the lines of sticking to just Audi and BMW here, or we could be talking about these cars all day! So for Audi, we think the best model has to be the A6. it’s such a luxurious line that they’ve produced, and it is a little more on the pricey side. But the price you pay means you get so much back in return. From the outside, you’ve got a sleek looking car that seamlessly flows from front to back, with the back being strong and sporty, whilst the rest is calm and reserved. Inside you will find all of the latest tech, including lane safety technology, as well as an entertainment system that is one of the most advanced in the game. And if you’re looking for a car that is the perfect mix of space and class, then this is the one for you. As for BMW, we want to give the 2 series a little bit of credit. It can’t be denied that there are some other, more popular models on the market. But the 2 series is that sporty, fiery car that everyone deserves to drive. It looks sharp and sleek, with that edge that makes it looks like a beast. The inside is similar in terms of tech as the Audi, but we do think that the Audi has more space than the BMW. If you’re sitting in the back of the BMW with a slightly tall person in the front, you might just find that your legs have gone blue from being cramped up. Both equally fast cars with various different engine sizes to choose from.

Bagging Yourself The Best

So if all this talk of these great cars has made you think a little, then it’s time to think about how you can bag yourself one. The first thing you need to make sure that you do, is find a respectable dealership to go through. This car buying guide should be able to show you how to find a good car in a respectable dealership. Because if you’re not too sure about cars, you know you just love to look at them and drive them, then it’s so easy to get swindled by the dealerships.You then need to think about what brand you want to go for, and we couldn’t tell you to go for anything other than Audi, because we love them. Just think about the needs that you have. If you have a family, perhaps go travelling a lot in the car, and perhaps put your dog in the car every now and then, then an SUV, 4×4 or estate is going to be the option for you. Anything with a big boot and good internal space size will do. You also need to think about the price you’re going to pay. Don’t get suckered into a finance deal because you think you can afford the payments. Think about the insurance costs, maintenance, and fuel consumption. Although the finance deal might sound good, the rest of it might be a little too pricey! There are so many other German cars that you could go for, but we do think that Audi should be the first one that you go for!

The Future Of It

The future of German cars is looking promising. Various brands are now exploring the future of driverless cars, electric cars, all sorts of funky technology that would make driving the car easier. We do think that the future of the great German cars is going to see a rise in price, simply because the manufacturing race is leading brands to piling a ton of technology and features into the car, which is only bumping up the price. But we just know that whatever happens, the Germans will be at the forefront of the race!

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