Why Is It So Difficult To Do The Right Thing?

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We all like to think of ourselves as guided by a strong moral compass. We live by an ethical code whether we know it or not. Some of us are religious, some of us have a fleeting acknowledgment of something resembling a higher power, and some of us are atheist. However, the majority of us try to be polite, have good manners, treat people with respect and do the right thing. Why then is doing the right thing so difficult sometimes? There are many occasions in our everyday lives where doing something less than honorable seems the easy, safe or least damaging road to take. Take a look at why doing the right thing is so tough and whether doing the alternative can be just as acceptable.

At Work

When you are settled in your job, you are enjoying the company of your colleagues and you are progressing up the career ladder, it can be hard to imagine a situation that could threaten this professional idyll. Other people’s actions can be the only cause for concern. If you are at work and you notice something untoward going on, would you call it out? The negative press that whistleblowers face would put many people off from rocking the boat. A whistleblower may be forced out of their job, be blacklisted and gain a reputation for speaking up, even though they are doing the right thing. To be confident enough to call out fraud or workplace misdemeanors you need a firm like MahanyLaw to support you through any litigation process. This way, you can be sure of being financially compensated should you lose your income source. Ethically and morally, it is up to you to do the right thing.

At Home

With the stresses and strains of family life, it’s all too easy to fudge the truth or tell a little white lie every now and then to make life simpler. If you head out to do the groceries and meet a pal from college who you haven’t seen for a decade or more, are you going to head for a coffee with them? You are meant to be picking the kids up from school. Can’t you ask your other half? When you’re on the phone to him or her, you find yourself telling them that you’ve been held up, traffic is bad or you have a flat tire. Why? Because telling the truth opens up potential questions that you simply don’t want to answer. Little white lies have a tendency to gambol, so be cautious if you ever decide to walk this road.

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The Playing Field Isn’t Level

If we see people receiving items or experiencing things unjustly, simply because they are wealthier, of higher social standing or know the right people, we throw all sense of morals out of the window. Why should you be the only one living ethically when no one else is and they are gaining the rewards? This is a valid point and often the main reason why it is so hard to do the right thing. If your child wants to attend a school that is oversubscribed you will bend the truth and state you live at a certain address to squeeze into the catchment area. This will make another valid attendee lose their place, but your child will have theirs. This isn’t fair and you begin to be just as bad as those you are fighting against.

It is difficult to do the right thing when the world doesn’t seem to be playing by the rules.

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