Why You Should Switch To Alcohol-Free Beverages This Summer

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The popularity of alcohol-free beverages: beers, wines, and ciders has grown considerably in recent years. So much so that many bars and restaurants now stock a range of alcohol-free alternatives for those who prefer a clear head in the morning. It has become more accepted socially as well, to arrive at a gathering – perhaps a work night out or a bbq – drink only non-alcoholic beverages then drive home before the night gets messy.

So what is driving the low and no movement? It appears at least one in five of us is attempting to reduce our alcohol intake in favour of a healthier lifestyle. You only have to check beverage industry statistics. On average only two-fifth of 18-24 year olds now drink alcohol and women over 50 are some of the lowest consumers. But it’s not just alcoholic beverages that are experiencing the downward trend. Fizzy high-sugar drinks are also going out of fashion as people young and old start to see the benefits of socializing sober.

On the market today you can choose from a wide variety of drinks that offer the same value in terms of flavour and quality without the strength. The German beers Erdinger and Erdinger Weissbräu are leading the pack in terms of lager. For wine you can choose from Eisberg Rose or Torres Natureo White Wine. And if you prefer cider then Kopperberg has a variety or colorful summer flavours.

Still unconvinced? Here’s some more reasons to make the switch.

Zero calories

Summer is a perfect time to lose much of the excess weight that’s accumulated over the cold winter months. During this time we tend to overeat, and of course indulge in comforting pints and ales. On average a pint of lager has around 180 calories in it – the equivalent to a slice of pizza – most ales, however, contain 250 calories – equivalent to a stuffed bagel! Can you imagine eating one after the other. It’s no wonder easy-to-drink alcohol goes straight to the gut.


Most non-alcoholic beverages aren’t completely zero. Erdinger for instance is less than 0.05% – but that’s about the same as fruit juice or mouthwash. It’s still legal to drive home after a few zero alcohol beverages meaning you can save time when heading out, and save money when heading back. You will find that your night out isn’t any less enjoyable without the intoxication.


It’s interesting that although people opt for non alcoholic drinks they still want that same alcohol flavour and bitterness. This is why the alcohol free market has boomed. People are realising the huge benefits of keeping a clear head and saving money. In some places, it can be difficult for some people to understand since there are some big expectations around drinking at some social event. Luckily though, attitudes are changing.

Zero hangover

If zero-effort weight-loss, cheaper great-tasting wine and lager, and the convenience of driving to meet your friends isn’t enough to convince you of the great benefits of alcohol-free then maybe you can’t be convinced. But as a last-ditch effort consider the last time you had a hang-over. How did you feel? Did you ever utter the words -never again? If you did, that is now a realistic possibility.

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