Will Businesses Ever Stop Polluting Our Planet?

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There are so many things in our world at the minute that are contributing to climate change in this world at the minute, but if you trace it back to the source, businesses are usually the ones contributing to it. The energy we use within our homes can be traced back to the companies providing it. The holidays we have, the big jet engines that fuel it leave huge carbon footprints. The cars we drive, also give out harmful emissions. All of which can be traced back to the business providing us with it. But at the same time, businesses can not be the soul blame, because we’re the ones abusing what they’re providing, and a lot of us won’t even think about the repercussions. Even down to the added emissions we’re creating by leaving a light on in our home, or the TV on standby. But considering businesses are at the forefront of everything we use on a daily basis that’s contributing to the rapid increase in climate change, it begs the question as to whether they will ever stop polluting our planet, and whether we will ever stop aiding them. So keep on reading, and see what we think businesses and consumers should be doing differently, and what they’re doing that’s so harmful at the minute.

There’s Only So Many Ways To Reduce Emissions

The problem that a lot of businesses are facing at the minute, is that there are only so many ways to reduce emissions at the minute. There are rules and regulations that businesses now have to follow, and penalties will be enforced if regulation officers find emissions are higher than the capped levels. And we will say, businesses are now cleaner than they ever have been before. It was the industrial revolution that truly kickstarted climate change, yet there was not enough evidence to support the theory that the emissions were changing the planet, due to the technology and mind power simply not being there yet. But now, businesses are stuck with a stalemate. They’re keeping the emissions at the capped level, but there are just so many up and coming businesses that are adding to the harmful gasses that are polluting our earth. So even though it’s being regulated so heavily, it’s not being accounted for that more businesses are popping up, and adding to the problems pollution is creating. We’re seeing this happen more so in big cities, where emissions have historically always been higher. But now we’re noticing that pollution levels in the countryside are rising, simply because the air is not pure enough, and harmful gasses are being carried in the wind.

Cleaner Energy Sources

There are however, companies out there who are seeking to improve the way that we convert materials into energy, as everything we do pretty much requires energy. Everything being created is using a form of energy at the minute. Our homes are running solely on the energy that providers are sending to them, and it’s not always the cleanest. Oil farming is now becoming harder because resources are running out, and it’s super harmful to the environment with the way it’s farmed. But if you have a look at a biogas digester, you will see a piece of equipment that’s converting manure into methane, which is a viable energy source that can be used around the world. It’s aiming to do it with as few emissions as possible, and is providing the world with a much greener energy source. Wind farms are also on the rise, which is such a natural way of producing energy, however some complaints arise as they can reduce the cost of homes when placed in certain areas!

Is A Growing Population Contributing

Of course it is, yet there’s nothing we can do to stop this either. The more the population grows, the more the demand on businesses does, which in turn means production is going to be at an all time high. Whilst there’s nothing we can do about the rise in population, there’s a lot that can be done in terms of education. The generation being raised right now is the generation that can make a difference, and the more they know about climate change and how it’s being caused, the more they can do to try and preserve the natural world. But at the minute, the generation is being raised on computers and TV’s, and the inside world, which is only contributing to the energy crisis and climate change!

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