Woman Burns Down Her Mother’s House, then blames ex-boyfriend

400px-StreichholzCALGARY, AB — In an effort to destroy her ex-boyfriend’s reputation, Jessica Rogers burned down her mother’s house, and blamed him for it. Rogers also claimed that her ex was stalking her, from work and home, sending her emails and so on. It turns out her entire story was false, although she went to great lengths to make it seem true, even going onto a local news channel telling her story after her mother’s house burned down.

Rogers intended to destroy her ex’s reputation, and she attempted to do just that, by burning down her mother’s house, and then blaming her ex for it. She even sent letters, emails, and text messages to accomplish this. She was attempting to frame him for arson and domestic abuse. According to the Huffington Post, she even used an app to make it appear as if the text messages had come from her ex’s phone.

Her ex was arrested and charged for various crimes that he didn’t commit. Those charges were later dropped, in light of the fact that the entire story Rogers told was false. Rogers pleaded guilty to various charges, including criminal harassment and public mischief, and is now serving 20 months in jail, with 18 remaining.

“I was so busy trying to create a monster, that I turned into one myself,” Rogers told her doctor in a psychological assessment.

The Crown prosecutor, Darren Maloney, called this an interesting case, making note of the “technology aspect” which he says poses a difficulty for the Crown and Police.

This story shows just how easy it is to make a claim, and get someone charged for it. Rogers made up a completely false story, and got her ex charged. Now, in this case, it came out that she was lying the entire time, but how many times has this happened before? How many times has it not come out that someone was lying?

This story also shows how easy it is to use technology to destroy someone’s reputation. It can all be quite destructive. Using an app on your phone to send text messages as someone else sure has the potential to become quite a dangerous weapon.

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