Why Won’t My Car Start Even After I Put a New Battery In

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Have you ever tried to start your car and it doesn’t even after you put a new battery in? There are several reasons that could cause your car not to start even after you put a new battery in, and in this article we will focus on the main reasons for this problem.

Here are some of the reasons explaining the situation:

1. Fuel

There are a number of fuel-related problems that could have caused my car not to start even after I put a new battery in. These problems may vary.

Lack of fuel /oil

Maybe I did not have enough fuel or oil in my car to start it hence even with a new battery, it just couldn’t work.

Bad Fuel Injectors

If the fuel injectors in my car are bad, there is no way my car will start even when am using a new battery. They have to be working for it to start since the car needs the fuel.

The Fuel Pump May be Defective

A bad fuel pump is very capable of causing a car not to start. This is because fuel is an essential factor when starting a car.

A Clogged Fuel Filter

If the fuel filter is clogged, it means that the fuel cannot flow deterring the car from starting. If so, the problem has to be rectified.

2. A Problem with the Battery Connections

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The reason why my car won’t start even after I have put a new battery in could be a problem with the battery connections.

They Could be Corroded

If the battery connections in my car are corroded, they prevent the electricity from reaching the starter motor. The main function of the starter motor is to crank the engine. In this case, the car cannot start unless they are replaced.
They are Loose

Just like in the case of corroded battery connections, loose battery connections deters the electricity from reaching the starter motor and this makes it absolutely impossible for the car to start. They have to be fastened.

Dirt in the Battery Connections

The presence of dirt or any solid residues in the battery connections might slow down the electricity flow to the starter motor.

There should also be a connection that is solid between the battery and all the cables in use. The connection should be unaltered to avoid any problems that might make the car not to start, even when the battery in use is new.

Undercharged Battery

It is very possible that the new battery that I was installing into my car was not fully charged. For this reason, my car could not start. The battery sometimes has to be fully charged for it to work.

To avoid car battery problems, one has to have an idea about how to test a car battery. You can learn how to test a car battery on the following link.


3. The Starter Might Have been Defective

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The starter in my car could have been defective. This definitely means that my car cannot start unless I first fix the problem. I came to learn that I can still start my car even when the starter in use is defective if I do not have the ability to replace it immediately.

Not many people know how to start a car that has a bad starter. You do not have to be one of these people. You can teach yourself how to start a car with a bad starter here.


Something like our cars not starting can ruin our entire day. Like me, you might think that the problem is with your battery so you use part of your savings to purchase a new battery. You install it into your car and still, it doesn’t work! If you have tested your battery and you have confirmed that it is not the cause of your worries, do not give up just yet. You can still start your car even when it has a bad starter.

Like I learned, it is not as hard as you might think it is. You don’t have to walk, your car is still good enough to be on the road.

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