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Do you have a knack for writing, an opinion, and a story to share with NewsinGeneral readers? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

NewsinGeneral is now accepting Guest posts and Sponsored Posts. NewsinGeneral covers a wide variety of topics, so we can publish a wide range of topics. Take a look at what we have posted on the site; if you’ve got a story that may fit in well on NewsinGeneral, feel free to email us below. If your topic isn’t something we’ve published before, don’t worry! Send it to us, and chances are, we can publish it.

Aside from all of that, please keep the following in mind when making a submission:

  • Please make sure all submissions contain minimal errors. Submissions requiring a heavy amount of editing will not be published unless its a paid article.
  • When Submitting a Guest Post please make sure that they do not contain links to Products,Businesses or Services. We do not allow for Free Advertising for your Site!
  • If you’re looking to advertise a product, website or service in a post, please email us for more details or read below. 
  • Submissions must be 300 words or more. There is no limit as to how long your submission may be, but at a minimum, it must be 300 words long, or it may not be published unless its a paid submission.
  • Once published, posts remain published.
  • You may submit original content, or cross-posted content you have published elsewhere.
  • You can also send us a news story (a link to it) along with your thoughts. (200+ words)
  • Have an opinion on a article we’ve posted on NewsinGeneral? Share your thoughts here, and we’ll gladly publish it!
  • Infographics are Welcome!
  • All Sponsored Submissions (Payed For) Email to

Remember, NewsinGeneral is very flexible when it comes to the content we can publish. Even if your submission isn’t similar to something we’ve published in the past, feel free to send it to us, there’s a good chance we CAN publish it!

Sponsored Submissions and Contracts

If you are a company or website owner and are looking for sites for your writers, we require $10 per post or a yearly contract! For more information on our contracts please email us at with subject titles Sponsored Post Yearly Contracts.

Sponsored Posts may be marked as such if Requested by Author or Company! We allow Do Follow links on all our paid articles as well, sponsored articles can only be altered by the request of original publishers.

You may submit a sponsored post or request that we have one of our authors write a post and add in your requested content.

All articles are permanent including Paid or Not Paid posts, pictures, links and videos! On all our old post we offer linking to relevant Products, Sites Services etc.

We charge companies and writers a fee, because when a post contains adverts, products, services or other websites we must spend extra time and resources on verifying its legitimacy and relevancy to the posted articles, along with allowing them to advertise a product, site or service within our articles on our site. If a company does not provide payment within specified date, then all links and advertisements will be taken down and we will have the right to change links etc. and keep post published.

Our yearly contracts consists of Tiers

  • Tier 1 – Unlimited article posts with included links $1600 a year paid in full or Quarterly
  • Tier 2 – 4-7 articles a week links included $9000 a year paid in full or Quarterly
  • Tier 3 – 1-3 articles a week links included $700 a year paid in full or Quarterly

All 2 Year Contracts Prices above are doubled

The A La Carte deal which is $10 per article!
So let’s say you choose the a la carte and post from 2-5 articles a week, that’s any where from 20-$50 a week $80-$200 a month and $960-$2400 a year.
Why we lower the prices on Yearly Contracts is so that we may build a partnership with each company over time allowing for them and us to grow!

News In General

Is growing at a steady pace and we receive dozens of submissions each week! If you’d like a detailed report of our viewers you may request analytics for the site.

Thank You for your Interest in NewsInGeneral

Jason Goyette, Founder/Editor

Cole Kruper, Co Founder

Sarah Prater, CFO/Managing Editor