World News: What Does Brexit Mean For Tourists?


The Brexiteers have had their say, and Britain is about to leave the European Union. For most of us that don’t live in Britain or Europe, it might not register on the radar. Let’s face it – the only things that do affect us are our political affairs and global warming. But, Brexit could have a major impact on the rest of the world, especially if you are a traveler. When the UK leaves the Union, the current border controls could change. If that happens, could travel plans change too?

No Borderless Travel

Judging by Boris Johnson during the campaign, they want tighter security controls. For anyone outside of Europe, there isn’t much that will change. Because they aren’t EU citizens, the UK doesn’t have to apply EU law. So, most travelers will still have to go through the same UK visas application procedure. Anyone from Europe might suffer. Instead of the free movement of people, the borders will be a lot tighter. Even with an EU passport, these travelers won’t be able to turn up as per usual. Anyone from inside Europe should take note of this for the future.

Higher Cost Of Travel

The cost of travel within Europe has declined markedly in the past ten years. Whereas airlines used to be expense once upon a time, they are quite cheap today. All that stems from the removal of old laws and the introduction of more competition. In short, it allows airlines like Thomas Cook and Jet2 to charge a lower price for a flight. And, as their profits rise, they can charge less for budget travel across the world. When Britain leaves, this rule will no longer be in effect. As a result, the cost of travel will rise across the board. So, anyone that uses European airlines should expect higher fees.


Higher Cost Of Living

One thing that is sure to affect every traveler is the value of the pound. Unfortunately, the pound isn’t doing very well at the moment. In fact, it is at one of its lowest points in the past century at under $1.30. What this means is that you get less bang for your buck. When you change money at this rate, you will receive a lot less cash because the pound has a lower value. If you do plan on visiting the country, you should plan to take more money. After all, the cost of living is still high regardless of the value of the pound. It might get stronger, but no one knows as that is a long way in the future.


More Anti-Immigrant Tension

It isn’t a nice thing to say, but UK/immigrant relations aren’t doing too well at the moment. There are reports of quite a lot of xenophobia. And some people even put the Brexit result down to institutional racism. That is unquantifiable, but what is quantifiable is the rise in tension. ‘Immigrants’, or people perceived as immigrants, aren’t having as nice a time as they did in the past. The climate is fraught at the moment, and you should expect to experience tension.



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