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Travelling is an exciting experience and opens up your perspective on the different lives and cultures experienced all over the world. Exciting as it is, it’s really important to consider the safety aspects of travelling whether you are travelling on your own, with friends or as a family. This article aims to show you the safety considerations required for travelling to specific countries. By following this guide you will be able to enjoy the many sights, sounds, customs and cultures whilst staying safe.

There are certain safety essentials that you need to implement before you embark on your trip. Travel insurance needs to be purchased to last the whole of your travel duration, from the point of booking until when you return. Ensure you notify your travel insurance company exactly which countries you are planning to travel to, as costs will vary depending on where in the world you visit. Be transparent as to any existing medical conditions you have, if you don’t disclose them and you suffer with an illness relating to your existing condition, you may not be covered for any medical expenses incurred.

If you intend to hire a car and drive in the country you are travelling to, ensure you choose a reputable car hire company and keep to hand the details for a Dallas car accident lawyer should an accident occur. You will need to take with you your driving license and a credit card for payment and deposit purposes. Credit cards offer more protection should you experience problems than debit cards or cash.

Some areas of the world experience health issues that we are not normally exposed to. These include malaria, typhoid and yellow fever. It is essential to get immunised before travelling to these countries. Your medical practitioner will be able to offer advice. Mostly immunisations are only required if you’re travelling to certain countries in continents such as Africa and South America.

Crime rates differ depending on the country you’re visiting. The remainder of this article will look at how to stay safe in Australia, Mexico and Europe. For further information and information for other countries consult your travel agent or look at government travel websites.


Staying safe normally throws up questions about crime, however the most safety aspects relating to Australia actually arise from its climate. The summers in Australia can be extremely fierce, sunstroke and heat exhaustion is a big risk. Therefore it is important to respect the Australian climate by being aware of the sun and staying hydrated.

The hot Australian climate is also home to an abundance of venomous creatures such as spiders and snakes. It is important to recognise them and stay away. Quick medical advice should be sought if bitten.

The outdoor lifestyle can cause safety hazards too, as more tourists attempt extreme sports without proper tuition. This is apparent with the number of drownings that happen each year.

If you respect the climate you should have a fantastic time exploring Australia. With regards to crime, you should be wary of pickpockets in cities and places of interest.


Mexico is stunning with many attractions to offer. Tourists are attracted in droves by the diversity of the country which can offer amazing beaches, jungles, major cities and colourful fiestas.

Travelling in Mexico unfortunately presents a fair amount of risk to tourists. Most of the major tourist destinations in Mexico have the backing of the Mexican government in lowering crime levels. This has been effective to a certain extent but there were a number of shootings in 2017.

If you travel away from the tourist destinations the risk to tourists increase tenfold, it is essential to research properly the areas to avoid. Most of the crime is related to gangs involved in drugs.

Outside the tourist areas it is advisable to only travel during daylight hours. If you are driving, stick to toll roads and be aware when travelling by public transport because theft is common, so take precautions.

Mexico is politically volatile and many demonstrations have the potential to turn violent. Avoid large crowds and stay away from any form of demonstration..


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In Europe terrorism has hit the headlines, which is unfortunate as in reality the risk of terrorism in Europe is no higher than in the rest of the world. The threat of terrorism is at a high level in the UK, France, Germany and Spain, each of these countries have their own ways of assessing the threat of terrorism and security is highly visible at airports, cities and at large events. As a tourist in Europe it is important to stay vigilant, but it shouldn’t prevent you from visiting the amazing tourist highlights within its cities.

Crime relating to pickpockets, scams and theft is particularly rife in major cities such as London and Barcelona.Pickpockets actually work in gangs. It is important to keep valuables safe by leaving them in the hotel safe. Walk around the cities with the minimum of money needed. Also credit cards offer security should a theft occur.

Other general tips for staying safe when travelling, is to always make photocopies of your insurance and travel documents before travelling. Keep your original documents in the hotel, scan copies so that you can email them to yourself and consider passing on copies to family members at home. Make sure you have relevant telephone numbers to ask for assistance if needed.

Ensure that you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay, but take money in different forms such as a small amount of cash, credit cards and prepaid money cards.

On arrival at your destination take note of where the local medical facilities are. This is especially important if you are travelling independently without the support of a travel company.

The steps needed to be taken in order to stay safe seem a little overwhelming and daunting at first, however once they are in place you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

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