Would a World Without Money Actually Work?

currencyEarlier this week in the NewsinGeneral livestream, Cole Kruper and Jason Goyette briefly discussed the idea of a world without money. It may sound like a terrible idea, and some may even shoot it down immediately. Those against the idea would probably argue various points like; there wouldn’t be any innovation without money! The world would be stuck at a standstill without innovation! There would be no incentive to work! The list could go on. A world without money could very well have it’s complications, at least in it’s early stages, considering we’re all so used to the concept of money. Most of us will spend the majority of our lives working. It’s how our world works, at least as it stands today. Education is simply a way to prepare us for the workforce, giving corporations a way to make more money. Very few make it to the top, although it’s a dream we all have.

A world without currency would set the world up for great success, by essentially wiping out poverty; making innovation easier; preventing wars, all of which would increase our quality of life.

Would a world without currency actually hamper innovation? Would innovation simply grind to a halt because there wasn’t any money around? Probably not, because there are always those who want to move the world forward. Those who are passionate about their jobs. For some, money isn’t the motivator, it’s the fact that their actually accomplishing something they believe is important, and something they enjoy. Innovation wouldn’t come to a crashing halt, simply because there are those who are dedicated enough to see past the dollar signs.

Not only would innovation continue on in a world without currency, but it would also benefit greatly from a world without currency. There wouldn’t be a cost associated with innovation, and therefore, practically anything could be achieved. It could very well push us much farther into the future. By looking at the issue of money this way, one may be inclined to see that money may in fact be slowing down progress, instead of fostering it.

Poverty is all around us. It’s in the richest of countries, spanning the far reaches of the world. It’s right in our backyards. Some of us see it on a regular basis. Many of these people were put out on the streets because they couldn’t find a job, which meant they couldn’t pay their bills, afford a home, food, or much of anything for that matter. In a world without money, no one would have to be out on the streets, starving, begging for money. No one would have to be homeless.

Poverty stricken countries would essentially be a thing of the past. They’d be able to bring their quality of life up to the standards of the developed world. Those countries would be able to contribute to innovation just like any other nation. We’d all be equals in a world without money. Rich nations wouldn’t be taking advantage of poor-countries, because they’d no longer be “poor.” In a world without money, we could all walk this Earth as “brother’s and sisters.” Wouldn’t that be a great?

Currency divides people, not just throughout their lives, but from the moment they are born. Some are born in wealthy nations, or to wealthy families. Some are not so lucky, and get born into poor families, and poor nations. It’s not your fault you were born in the wrong place, it’s just how our world works today. In a world without money, there would be no “wrong” place to be born. You would not be put at a disadvantage the moment you stepped into this world.

A world without currency would result in a higher quality of life, thanks to accelerated innovation to the fact that poverty would essentially be non-exsistant. Crime would be at all time lows, since there really wouldn’t be much to gain from committing various crimes. Money divides us, into the rich, and the poor. Without it, we’d all be equal. There would be far fewer wars, far fewer crimes. Basically, most of what takes away from everyone’s quality of life would be non-exsistant. Sure, there would still be problems in the world, but far less.

There would be no greedy corporations. No greedy governments. Think about this one, the salary of the US President is $400,000. The vice president makes just over $230,000. How much do you make? How many jobs out there have the potential make you that kind of money? Of those, how many of those jobs are available to you? Money doesn’t sound like much of an equalizer now, does it? A large part of the evils in our world come from money. Sadly, a world without money is a dream. Something that will probably never happen.

In today’s money-centric world, we’re all going to have to learn how to walk this Earth as equals; how to walk this Earth, as “brothers and sisters,” since currency isn’t going away anytime soon.

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