Is It Worth Paying More for Safety Features in a Car?

Something that many people worry about when buying their first car is the cost—and understandably so. Cars are incredibly expensive and it usually takes years to finally pay off a new or even used model. As such, we all strive for paying the least we can for our vehicle, but are all the compromises worth it?

When going from an outdated model to something newer, one of the biggest changes you’ll encounter is the onboard electronics. Most of the time, this covers new safety features such as anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability controls. Most modern vehicles have these as a standard, but there are some vehicles that don’t have them pre-installed because they’re old or budget car models.

It can be argued that good driving skills will ultimately make up for any kind of safety system that you lack, but there’s no such thing as being too safe in a vehicle. Everyone needs to ensure that they have the latest safety technology in the car because the road is never quite as safe as it seems. Accidents can step from the smallest of things and you’d be surprised at how collisions actually happen.

To give you an idea of how unsafe we really are on the road and why you should be investing in your car’s safety features, here’s an infographic that shows some surprising statistics. After reading through it, you’ll no doubt think twice about saving a bit of cash on your vehicle to omit some crucial safety features.

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