WWDC 2013: Mavericks

Well If you don’t know by now the WorldWide Developers Conference kicked off today, And as always Apple started off with mentioning its stores. Most notable the new store in Berlin, They also did not hold back on bragging and statistics. First noting the attendees which were from over 66 different countries, and there were 64 % first time attendees at the event in San Francisco, California.

Apple has over 6 million developers in 1.5 million of whom were added since last year of 2012, The conference also sold out in 71 seconds, pretty impressive. Now on to the bragging with stores, Over 1 million people per day visiting Apple stores. Apple has 407 stores around the world and have stores in 14 countries, One of the new stores which is in Berlin a 100 year old building which was one of the first theaters in Berlin. And of course It wouldn’t be a WWDC without a video of a apple store grand opening.

And now onto the good stuff the App store which will be celebrating its 5th birthday next month ! A total of 50,000,000,000 apps have been downloaded from the App  store, with 900,000 iOS apps 93% are downloaded each month. There are 375,000 apps for the iPad with all these huge numbers there must be thousands of accounts. Well maybe a little more there are actually 575,000,000 store accounts with most of the accounts using credit cards. Don’t worry the developers have got there cut with $10,000,000,000 paid to app developers, 5 billion of which was paid in just the last year. Which is 3 times more than all other platforms combined.

Apple welcomes Anki, who are using the iOS platform to make a new category of experiences, which they launch their company at WWDC. Anki is using iOS devices and the platform to bring AI or artificial Intelligences to our everyday life. Anki plans on reinventing the way we play with Anki Drive a Slot car that is controlled by application and bluetooth low energy, which these cars drive themselves around a track. I have to say I would most definitely buy and play even though I’m not a youngster anymore. This game is quite revolutionary You can either play with friends via Idevice or play with AI, Anki Drive will be available this fall and I have to say I may be the one to buy.

Finally onto the Mac which its installed base is at 72 million. The recent iMac is the #1 desktop in the United States. The macbook is also the #1 notebook in the United States as well. 5 year growth between the Mac and PC in which the Mac towers over the PC with 15%, while the PC as a measly 3% With total 5 year growth of 100% for the Mac and 18% for the PC, ooh burn. Mountain Lion which 28 million copies shipped with 35% of users using the latest version of  Mountain Lion, Apple has not stopped innovating with Mountain Lion. With a new OS introduced.The big issue with this next OS is the lack of cats to chose from, So now what is the next OS going to be named ? Maybe pussy cat ? Haha, nope. Apple now has to find a name for their next OS which is going to be named something nobody really expected. Mac OS X Mavericks is the new name for next Mac OS X which is named after the Famous Californian surf location. The Mavericks brings to the Macs improved battery life and Provides responsiveness, as well as awesome and new applications along with enhancements.One big improvement is with Finder you can now draw all your windows into one as tabs, you will have the ability to drag contents of tabs and move them as well the ability to hover over tabs. Finder is also introduced to tagging, allowing you to tag a document which will then be in the finder sidebar. Multiple displays with this you can call your dock to multiple displays and have the ability to go fullscreen on one display while having the other display stay untouched.

Advanced technologies in Mavericks, they have really thought of the power users, with compressed memory the user will get what they want when they want it, a great feature is app nap which directs power to apps where the user will truly benefit. Maverick has also brought many advanced features to improve battery life.

Safari has improved as well with the ability for Private browsing, blocking of 3rd-Party cookies. Safari home page has been cleaned up where there is a sidebar where you can browse and have access to bookmarks and a cool feature called shared links which allows you to see links that have been shared by your friends. Now Safari has also improved within, huge improvements to javascript, background tab optimization and many other under the hood improvements.
Scrolling has been improved with a much more glide like scrolling very easy and smooth

Keychain has been revamped with the ability to remember website logins, credit card numbers, wifi networks and account information all is encrypted and synced across all platforms for availability. Notifications have also been improved with the ability to reply to messages right in the notification, also available for emails, Facetime. Apps are updated in the background also to note when you’re away and you come back to your Mac everything that you missed is available on the lock screen. Calendar has also been improved as well with new features. Maps have been greatly improved with  3-D and Flyovers, turn by turn directions and much more.iBooks is brought to the Mac with 1.8 million books available for you to read.
Mavericks is a great new OS for all users which will be available this fall.

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