You Need More Than A Driver To Run A Fleet Right


There are a lot of businesses that need to make use of a proper fleet. In manufacturing, retail, contracting and otherwise, you own wheels can be a great help. Whether it’s for large-scale transportation of goods or precise deliveries, you could save a lot of money by taking your logistics in your own hands. Good drivers are important to the success of a fleet, of course. But don’t think those are the only hands you’re going to need on deck. Here, we’ll look at some of the other people who keep the wheels turning.


You may very well be able to fit this position yourself, but the fact is that if no-one is taking a look at the overall operations of the fleet then you could be running a highly inefficient operation. Efficiency is the key to creating a profitable business and that doesn’t change because it’s a fleet of vehicles you’re dealing with. Many business owners who use their own vehicles know full and well they have to invest a little further and equip them with things like GPS and telemetry. That gives the business logisticians the opportunity to see routes being taken, standards that are and aren’t being met, and how you can get a better result out of every single drive.


A direct line to suppliers is essential if you want your vehicles to stay economical. Being prepared for equipment failures isn’t just about having some cash saved aside. Skipping the middleman and going straight to distributors can help you form your stock of the parts you might need to replace most often. It’s not just about spark plugs and tires, either. You should think about the services you use to support the vehicles themselves such as hydraulic hose manufacturers for the fluid transfer systems you need to keep vehicles topped up. Get to know your suppliers and form longer lasting relationships with them. This can get you a much better deal in the long-term than having to repeatedly stop off at the retail level providers for the same marked up price each time.


Everyone who owns a vehicle needs a mechanic, you’re not unaware of that. However, if you’re using the same general mechanics as everyone else then, again, you’re not making the most economical choice. You need expert knowledge from a technician, someone who can tell you in clear detail and with clear solutions as to what could make your vehicles run better. They should also be those who understand the kind of rigorous use that fleet vehicles tend to see as compared to the average vehicle on the road and how often you will need your vehicles repaired and replaced. Some fleet managers even hire their own mechanics in-house as employees to skip the commercial costs entirely.

Think about every part of the fleet’s use and what it takes to maintain not just one vehicle but multiple. Stop relying on consumer providers and go straight to the source more often. Your fleet will become a lot more manageable that way.


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