Your Business Can Do More To Make Your Customers Happier


Getting into business is harder than ever. So many new businesses close in their first year of operation, sometimes closing with the owners having no idea as to why their business failed. It’s an unfortunate reality, but there are things you can do to stack the odds in your favour. The customer is always right is a long said expression used to indicate how important the customer can be to your business. Yet, in this day and age perhaps the phrase is outdated. If you concentrate on keeping your customers happy you know they’ll come back time and time again. Some ways of keeping customers happy can be onerous, yet some are incredibly simple and you’ll be surprised to learn that businesses aren’t doing them. These can set you on your way to repeat custom.

Take All Forms Of Payment

There are more forms of payment now than there have ever been before. It might not apply to online businesses as much, although they can be inclusive by accepting a wide array of cards. If you operate a physical business, don’t segregate people who want to pay in certain ways. Only taking cash is a big no, hardly anyone carries cash anymore, if this is the case consider Total Merchant Services for card options. On the other side, don’t only accept cards. You should be able to take cash so try to keep a float for change. You should also accept contactless payments and Apple or Android pay. The more options you accept the more people can spend money in your store.

Focus On Availability

Your customer’s aren’t going to be happy or come back if they come to your store or website and can’t buy what they want because you’re out of stock. Use a good stock management system. Moving from nothing to one of these can be a bit of a shock to the system, but it’s great because its a symptom of success. Running out of stock is only allowable if you’re having a clearance sale or a special. Your normal stock needs to be available. In certain situations you can sell through even if you’re out of stock in anticipation of more coming in but make sure you comp the delivery charge. If you don’t have what your customer needs not only will they not purchase from you but they’ll go to your rival. It’s a double hit for something so simple.


One of the main things that stops repeat custom is bad service. You need to exhibit it in all customer interactions you can think of. Whether it’s over the counter or on an instant chat section of your website. You may be thinking it’s easy. It is if it’s always you interacting with the customer because it’s your business and you want nothing more than for it to succeed. But, if you employ people it’s easy for it to slip. That’s why you need to emphasize the importance of good service to your workforce. Do it by training and role modelling, but make sure it’s a priority.

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