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There is a growing movement in the US to reduce waste as much as possible, and there are some people who are achieving zero waste. This might seem impossible, but there are ways to do away with waste and to save yourself some money in the process.

Zero Wasters, as they are known, help each other through blogs, forums, and social media. Although, as they themselves have pointed out, a year’s waste might fit into a jar, for some people it is too extreme, but it can be very simple.

Waste Disposal In The US

Waste disposal is handled in various ways by the different states in the US. Some of them are very strict on recycling, and in fact, the country as a whole manages to recycle more than 35% of its trash. This is better than a lot of other countries achieve, the UK ranking the worst.

Collections are usually made on a regular basis, or of course, if you have a large amount of trash because of decorating or renovating your home, the option of skip hire is always available. Of course, with more people lowering the trash they produce, these options are not needed quite so often.

Buying Goods

The first step towards this goal of zero waste is not to buy goods that do not have packaging that can be recycled. The easiest way to do this is to purchases most of your food products from independent stores rather than supermarkets. This has other advantages as well. If you need just a couple of carrots, for example, you do not have to buy a whole pack. Smaller stores will generally wrap anything that needs to be in paper, which of course can be recycled.

By using these stores you are saving money, helping your aim of less trash and helping the local community.

Use Recycled

We all know that you can buy recycled paper, for instance, or that you can buy things that have been used before off sites like eBay or from used clothing stores. There is another way as well though, why not recycle some of your own things? Materials such as clothes or bed linen can often be used to make other things, even if it is only as filling for some new cushions you have made.

If you buy things online request that they are sent to you in recyclable packing. This is becoming such a common request that most sellers can cater for it.


Food that is going to be unused should be composted and then used to enrich the soil. Why pay for nutrients for your soil when you can make your own? Some of them have noticed though, that food that is buried under other things, as it would be in a landfill, does not compost in the same way. Keep any food items that can go on your compost heap away from plastics and other items to get the best results.

Every Little Helps

Not everyone will be able to reduce their waste to zero, but even reducing a bit helps. If every household in the US reduced their waste by just 20%, the effect on the environment would be amazing. Landfills would become scarcer, and the burning of rubbish would not be putting so many toxic fumes into our atmosphere.

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